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ValueLab Collective invites local communities to participate in evidence-based learnings and practices that best prepares organisations and individuals for an age of rapid change and disruption.

The Continuous Learning Framework, or Pre-Skilling for an Unknown Future:

  • Embedded Local Learning: Programs are localized and customised to reflect the unique challenges and opportunities of the precincts and contexts in which they're offered.

  • Holistic Worldview: Connecting the different scales of human experience, from the individual to the communal to the global. 

  • Emphasis on Potential Over Experience: Development processes that prioritize learning ability, curiosity, and adaptability.

  • Regular, Constructive Feedback: An iterative system for continuous, data-driven feedback that helps participants align their skills with future needs.

  • Investment in Coaching: Training focused on equipping professionals and managers with the skills to nurture talent and manage the complexities of individuals and teams in a changing workforce.

  • Leadership Skill Development: Leadership courses that prioritize soft skills, inclusivity, and cognitive diversity to prepare leaders for the human-AI age.

  • Learning Analytics and Reporting: Use of learning analytics to track progress, engagement, and outcomes, with regular reporting for individuals and corporate clients.

  • Community and Networking: Regular networking events, community forums, and discussion groups to foster a strong learning community.

The Collective will be launching its pilot platforms in early 2024, join our mailing list to hear more about it!

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