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ValueLab.Co presents

Feed the world project


ValueLab.Co's Feed the World Project aims to eliminate global hunger and improve the sustainability of the global food supply chain.

Best in the world: Perfect Food

When it comes to what we eat, real food grown in real farms by real people should be the norm. Sadly, this is not the case when faceless corporations wastefully mass-produce lab designed mush that they are somehow allowed to market as edible.

Our ethical luxury food products represent the pinnacle of human craft in natural food production the world over, from the boutique organic olive oil groves in Southern Spain, to rice grown with pure mountain water on hillsides in Northern Japan, to a small batch winery in Australia, to a Melbourne coffee microroastery working with the best coffee beans from tiny organic plantations in Peru and Colombia.

If you accuse us of being elitist or small-scale, you are unfortunately correct. Correct that supreme quality, naturally produced food is so rare that it IS elitist. What we hope to do in the long-term is to make this type of food the norm, not the exception. It is incredibly expensive now because supply is so limited, but we would love nothing more than for natural, organic, perfectly produced food to become so commonplace that it totally disrupts our business model.

But until that happens, we are not going to apologise for seeking perfection.


Best for the World: Food for Good

Because our seeking to produce perfect food is good for the world in every way. The organic, natural, respectful farming practices carried out by our boutique suppliers and partners are good for the earth and a key component in combating and limiting climate change. Our ongoing support of these suppliers also means that they can survive and thrive in a market dominated by global corporate food monopolies.

Growing the category of ethical luxury food in the long term means that these producers and suppliers can collectively challenge and disrupt the destructive norms of current global food production practices and influence the future of food in a positive direction, towards a system that serves humanity and our planet, rather than narrow corporate interests.

The revenue from these products go directly to the suppliers or towards long-term global food security solutions, such as supporting food rescue charities and other specific food security initiatives.


Best for you: Food as Medicine


You are what you eat, and when you eat the best produced food in the world, it’s not only enjoyable, but has significant positive impacts on your health. The best food in the world has near-medicinal properties. The cancer fighting properties of oleocanthal in real, organic, unadulterated olive oil are well-documented. Ditto with the antioxidant properties of perfectly grown and roasted coffee, minus the negative impacts of caffeine.

We have no qualms in insisting that eating perfect food will make you feel better, live longer, and enjoy life more.

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