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Our Unicorn Farm is an ecosystem where individuals, projects, and enterprises converge to redefine the boundaries of possibility. Here, the concept of unicorns expands beyond traditional enterprises and embraces the diverse facets of human potential, fostering a complex adaptive system that thrives on synergy, collaboration, and exponential growth.


Our collective time and efforts are thoughtfully segmented into three interconnected spheres, in the hope of forming a harmonious ecosystem that we see as a blueprint for a post-scarcity humanity:


Image by Omar Flores

ValueLab Collective invites local communities to participate in evidence-based workshops and practices that help individuals and organisations thrive in an age of rapid change and disruption.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

ValueLab Spaces transforms places into dynamic hubs for creativity and collaboration designed to inspire fresh ideas and foster connections. Whether you're hosting a workshop, a conference, or a brainstorming session, we provide the canvas for your vision.

Image by Marjan Blan

Impact Neighbourhoods International creates thriving neighbourhoods that are easy to live, work and play in.

Image by Simone Hutsch

Wrightwood is a registered Specialist Disability Accommodation provider in Australia's National Disability Investment Scheme.


A collaboration between ValueLab and Peace Inc, Peace Kitchen facilitates mutual understanding and meaningful conversations over food.

Image by Martin Sanchez

Semuagig is a dynamic resource platform tailored for individual professionals, especially executive-level women, to enhance their visibility in the digital realm.

Image by Praewthida K

Music for Humans.

Image by Edge2Edge Media

Wine for All.

Image by Photo Boards

Victoria Street Alive! works with local organisations to provide community led, inclusive events and activities that stimulate and revitalise the vibrant inner-city neighbourhoods of Abbotsford & Richmond. 



Shiung Low

Founder and CEO

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Michelle Barnett

Communications Director, ValueLab.Co

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Jamie Newton

Building and Venue Manager, ValueLab Spaces

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Adam Trevaskus

Managing Director, Impact Neighbourhoods

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Vetty Duncan

Operations Manager, Impact Neighbourhoods

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Kathryn Renowden

Community Manager, Impact Neighbourhoods

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Vianney Establet

Managing Director, V Wine Salon

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Valentine Lebrun

General Manager, V Wine Salon

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Greg Hordacre

Arts Programming Senior Consultant, ValueLab Collective

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Paul Cabrera

Community Education Consultant, ValueLab Collective

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Dr. Elaine Pratley

Director, Peace Inc and Peace Kitchen

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Elsie Low

Director, SemuaGig and ValueLab Consultancy Services

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